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The following is a message to Dr. John W. Brimhall and Brimhall Wellness written by Dr. Kropf.

Dear Dr. John,

I recently enjoyed the pleasure of working with a 19 year old female for chief complaints of bilateral knee pains and weakness of several months duration. Although continuing to be mobile, the pains at times caused her to significantly limit her walking and physical activities. She had an orthopedic work up and was instructed to strengthen her hip flexors. After several weeks of therapy strengthening, her hips flexors and knee symptoms were not improving. Her primary history revealed migraines several times each week, GI complaints (with medical testing), ultrasound studies and 5 right kidney infections that were treated with medications.

When she was referred to our office I opted to use the purple laser scan, of the DermaLaser, which indicated her migraines were complicated by several systems. The scan revealed adrenals, liver, neck, left TMJ and stomach as primaries. The emotions were on display after the purple or violet laser challenge. We balanced the sympathetic-parasympathetic system with the DermaLaser (violet and red), strengthening all systems and releasing the emotions of those systems that were on display, as is found in the book "Feelings Buried Alive Never Die". We also used the PL 5 Laser for brain and NS balance along with heavy metal frequencies.

Appropriate representative Nutrition of DSF Formula for the Adrenals, Total Joint Support for the TMJ and Spine, Total Leaky Gut for the Stomach/Small Intestine, Total Multimune for the Immune System and Total Liver D-Tox for the liver was prescribed, where she benefited immediately. On the follow up visit she reported no migraines, with only mild suboccipital headaches that were not severe enough to require medication.

The knee pain, after up regulating her primary trunk lines with the Adjustor Protocol, the Percussor and muscle balancing, yielded her pain was gone and all muscles tested 5/5.

A 2-day follow up appointment revealed her knee pain was back and hip flexor weakness was 3/5. We did a brain balance with the violet-red laser, which gave us an immediate response. The neck and lumbar reflexes were weak on violet challenge and needed balancing with the DermaLaser as well. A Violet Laser scan also revealed kidney weakness and infection reflexes.

The scan now showed positive on the virus and parasite reflex points. We then used virus, parasite and metal laser frequencies (found in the Ultimate Frequency book we got from your office), with the addition of lasering the kidneys. Her strength returned on muscle response testing and all symptoms were gone. The standard parasite protocol is two Total Para twice per day (first thing on arising and at bedtime) for ninety days.

She remained on all of the original Nutrition for 30 days. At that 30-day follow up exam we re-tested and made the necessary changes to her nutrition. At this 30 day point she reported no symptoms and muscle response testing remained strong on violet laser challenge. The same protocol was followed at the 60 and 90-day follow up visits with the same positive results.

In addition to the Adjusting, Nutrition and Laser, she was treated with Footbaths and orthotics for unilateral pes supination on the right. Exercises were provided as well.

The benefit of your program is simply amazing and life changing. The miracles seen clinically on a daily basis are simply overwhelming. I credit you and your wife for all the sacrifices you have made together to pursue the passion of wellness. Thank you.

Dr. Ed Kropf

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