Oh, My Aching Back . . . Who Knew?

Hi, my name is Dorothy, I am 55 years young, I am a hair dresser and enjoy my job with passion. I exercise several times a week and am considered in very good condition. My back went out!!!! I decided to go to a local Chiropractor on a Friday and things got very mcuh worse. My family had treated with dr Kropf's father and had a good experience. I called him. Although he was unavailable for a home visit, he talked me through the weekend and saw me early Monday morning.

I was still in severe pain and spasm, couldn't walk upright, leaned and needed to hold on to get up or down steps. Getting out of a chair forget it. Doc's staff was completely accomodating and before I knew it I was in treatment. He used a cold laser, careful stretches and adjustments and before I knew it, I was upright. The leg pain was almost completely gone! Doc asked me about my bowels and I said they were fine. He inquired, fine to me was 2 or 3 bowel movements a week, this was my normal for almost all my adult life. Doc used his energy medicine and laser, next 2 weeks, no back pain at all, full exercises and wow, a bowel movement everyday. I have more energy, stamnia and do I feel good. I return for regular checkups and simply know I will continue for a long time. My husband, a non-chiropractic believer tried Doc Kropf and he changed his mind :-).

I hope that if you feel pain you will give Doc a try, if you feel your simply running out of energy, even more a reason to vist my doc.

Thank you,


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