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Edward L. Kropf, Jr, BS,DC

A third generation Chiropractor. A 1986 graduate of The National University of the Allied Health Sciences.

Certified; Advanced Graston Technique Provider, Brimhall Energy Medicine, Advanced Laser in Sports Medicine, Advanced Diagnostic and Therapeudic Laser. Master Whiplash Spinal Injuries, Treating six causes of pain and disease.

After practicing 18 years as a traditional Chiropractor I came face to face with a situation that would change the course for the rest of my life. My son Luke suffered behavioral problems in such a manner the school "strongly encouraged" medication for his disease ADHD. Luke's aunt a psychologist also strongly stated during a short stay with her in July that year, "Luke needs medication" For about a year previous to this, many articles regarding medical treatment were brought to my attention through newspaper, internet and others reporting death, brain wasting and long term illness with the prolonged use of these types of medications. I would at that time admit' he was more than a hand full at times. My heart recalled His birth and his wonderful demeanor as a baby, that to me was the real Luke. My other son suffered a skin rash more global at the start and with my treatment was only present on his right leg. His Pediatrician prescribed a topical medication that was changed due to the poor long term side effects with use in as much as this topical treatment was shown to increase the risk of cancer! 

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