Marianne's Neuropathy

It was 1985 and the beginning to my journey through hell. I was out with a friend and it was July. I had just had a hysterectomy 2 weeks before that. I in no was think this condition was triggered by that operation. Anyway I felt the strangest feeling in my right toe under my toenail. It was very painful. Within one weeks time I felt like I was walking on sharp rocks inside my skin and at the same time bee stings. As the summer went on my pains became unbearable and it took 2 long years to be diagnosed as neuropathy. I am not a diabetic. I went through my doctor telling me to get new shoes to him suggesting it was in my head. I happened to be working with a nurse and I would complain to her of my pain. She said her daughter was working on a test at the univ of pgh on peripheral neuropathy. I went. In the mean time I looked on the web and found one article and just one book that was useless on the disease. I went to the study and it didn't help. Finally when I showed my book to my dr. he agreed it could be PN. For two years I suffered and had to quit my job because I could was walking out of my shoes because I could not wear shoes with backs because it felt like my feet were in vice grips. I was a school guard and was literally walking out of my shoes as I was crossing children. I also do not blame my neuropathy on my school guard job (because I was on my feet). Actually standing up was more comfortable than sitting or laying because I needed to press my feet on the ground or wall to get a tiny bit of relief for two minutes. The symptoms were bee stings, burning, the sensation that someone was banging by feet with a sledge hammer and a feeling of brush burn. I was going crazy. I had no pain medicine except amitriptline which only knocked me out. But when I came to I had nothing but hell for a couple years. (doctor, I have to run but I'll finish this up on my next e-mail) try to remind me of anything I told you and Rich remembers a lot. I am going to pick his brain right now. I will have 5 pages before the end of the week. Love MAK p.s my feet feel great after today's treatment Thanks again. You saved my life.

Doctor Edward, please excuse me if I repeat myself when I write these (by the way did you get the 1st one?) let me know. I am not saving them and I wonder if you are so we can make something to send to wherever this is going that makes sense. So what I am thinking today is how I would be in pain for (extreme indescribable Pain) for tem days to two weeks. Now after being treated by you that is such a thing of the past its hard to comprehend. Only lately have I been appreciated the wonder of the new way of being treated and being told by neurosurgeons from pgh to Cleveland Clinic that this is how I had to live and only drugs would help. Being set free of those pains is so wonderful that I could only pray that other neuropathy people could try this. I was given hope from the day I walked into Dr Kropf's office. Not false hope but hope he would try a new thing. I really thought my lack of pain was in my head but after 3 days I knew this was real. I forget to mention I even tried acupuncture. Anyway it kept getting better. My life was coming back. You see I felt (because when you have chronic pain you have a lot of time to feel sorry for yourself) that the old Mary Ann was dead. Never to return. my husband felt the same. He was sad and so was I. I take such granted for having my old self that as I am writing I feel like an unappreciated creep. Please excuse me for that. You gave me myself back and after 6 months I am really only coming to grip with this. This light therapy is so fantastic I hope people use it more. But I came to a place where three wonderful people not only cured me but were so uplifting and kind to me I don't know how to thank them. And I know Dr. Kropf (or else am pretty sure he never did a neuropathy patient before) but he had the faith to believe this method of medicine worked. In this testimony I want to stress the pain but I also want to stress the healing that took place with light therapy.

Mary, I thank you for you sharing your story. Mary may have omitted that when we began treatment she was being treated at a pain clinic and given 200+ mg Oxycotin a day plus additional medications. She is currently with the help of her MD's attempting the long process of withdrawl. We can assist in this as well. Non-diabetic neuropathy does excellent with our treatments, diagnosed as entrapments, spine through feet, each and every area the nerve can be compromised is chacked and corrected as possible. Nerves are treated with cold laser, detoxification treatments, removal of heavy metals, nutrition. This is a slow process and required months of care. We helped recovery with several soft tissue techniques of varying procedures and intensities. All coordinated with patients tolerence, goals and outcomes. What Mary didn't mention, her brother recommended care years prior to her actual trying our office, energy medicine and Chiropractic for her health concerns. Maybe she won't wait so long next time?

Doc Kropf

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