Julie's Journey & Weight Story

"My journey into wellness with Dr. Kropf began in January 2007. After discovering his ad for a chiropractic assistant, I decided to give it a try and applied for the job. I had worked with other chiropractors my first two years out of massage school, however my career had fallen by the wayside after some personal upheavals. My first few weeks on the job were both exciting and confusing. Andy, Doc's front office manager, went above and beyond her job description to help me feel welcome. While Doc took careful attention to see that I was comfortable with each aspect of the office.

I soon began to realize that I'd found my way into a plethora of natural health and wellness care. The Erchonia Laser grabbed my attention immediately. The impact I saww that it made on strength and range of motion amazed me, especially having the opportunity to both use it on patients and feel it for myself. As I became more comfortable in my position and more interested in what the practice had to offer beyond orthopedics and chiropractic, I approached Doc with an age old battle I'd struggled with since adolescence; my weight. I'd been on the heavier side through age 15 when I naturally seemed to thin out. After a particularly stressful time around age 18 years old, I began to gain weight and put on about 40 pounds altogether. Although I lost a good deal on my own, I always struggled to maintain a healthy weight. Doc took me through a series of treatments including the use of the laser to treat emotional attachments. Many of these centered around self esteem and also the acne I'd had. Im still astounded with the change in how I see myself. Doc found my pancreas kept testing weak, explaining my frequent sugar cravings and suggested a product called Vana-Chrom to help stabilize blood sugar levels. It really hit home when with the use of the diagnostic laser, The Purple Laser that we found hiiden infections as the cause. It turned out my pancreas was invaded with parasites and metals. Doc explained how parasites require metals to attach and stay. The lasers, nutritional and homeopathic medicines in addition to the foot bath resulted in a complete change of what I came to know as me. The only side effect I could detect was the slight muscle cramp I endured for years in the middle of my back was gone! It never did return. Doc explained how the spinal nerves give off branches that go to organs. If a organ is in trouble it reflexs impulses to the level of the spine and a muscle reflexes to protect. Then as your symptoms would be like a muscle strain, tension and sometimes a spasm. Ok, because this happened to me, I understand why all the muscle testing is done. My diet changed. Doc explained how we "feed the dragon." Whatever organ is in trouble asks for attention. My pancreas, my sugar. OK, now I understood the why. Andy was also a wonderful support, lending a kind ear and sharing fitness tips. I've now maintained my weight at my goal for nearly seven months. The acne breakouts I mentioned before are both fewer and farther between after undergoing several EB cellular cleansing detox's. Just to mention this, I never asked Doc to treat my acne. This was a side effect of the detox and probably a change of attitude and diet.

I finally felt confident enough to completely throw myself into my career as a massage threrapist and landed a job at an establishment I'd hoped to work at since finishing school. I am entirely pain free after suffering from recurring neck, head and jaw pain thanks to Doc's expertise in traditional chiropractic and orthopedic skill. He also introduced me to Omega-3 supplementation which has eliminated my stiffness upon waking and greatly improve my memory. In addition, he prescribed for me a nutritional medicine for stress called DSF and has been helping me work through deeper layers of that as well.

To say the least, energy medicine is very difficult initially to understand. Even Doc admitts that is true! It is really cause orientated not symptom motovated therapy. I feel his work is curative and releaves symptoms with side effects that are beneficial and pleasing. My personal energy is better. I provide better service and companionship to each and every person I come in contact with. Like Doc says, it lasts until I screw it up again. My body, my life, my choice. Health and wellness......or symptoms and drugs. I picked wellness, I hope you do as well.

My experience at Kropf Chiropractic has brought me to a greater level of wellness than I could have ever expected. I've made life long connections and will remain a patient of Dr. Kropf's no matter where life leads me."



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