Jan's Allergy to Food

I have been allergenic to Strawberries since I was a small child. Often times I would develop a rash as I became an adult the allergies got worst with me at one point going into respiratory distress and stopping breathing from eating them.

One time I had a cookie with red jelly in the center of it. The person who gave me the cookie assured me it was cherry jam they were wrong. I had to take benerdyle and hope it worked because I would have not made it to the hospital.

I grew strawberries for my family and could not even weed, them or even pick them. I was so allergic that I could not eve touch the strawberry plants with out breaking out in hives. If I had to work with the strawberries I would have to wear long welder gloves. And to even slice them I had to wear gloves and hope the juice did not touch my skin.

It got to the point that I had to carry an Epie pen with me just incase I had something that had Strawberries in it with out me knowing it. I avoided anything that was red in color when we would go out for fear of it containing strawberries.

I asked Dr. Kropf to do and ASERT on me because I was so tired of not eating or even working with them.

Dr. Kropf did the ASERT on me and I waited about 2 weeks until I weeded out my Strawberry patch with out gloves on. To my shock and surprise I had no reaction at all. No hives, no anaphylaxis shock, nothing.

I was invited to a picnic in May 2009, I was determined that I was going to have strawberries at the picnic.

I came into the office caring a pint of Sliced Strawberries and my Epie pen. Much to Dr. Kropffs dismay, he really did not want to have me eat one and then have to use the epie pen nor call for the Medics.

Dr. Kropf muscle tested me with the container of strawberries and nothing happened. I took a slice of a strawberry and ate it and nothing happened. If I was to have a reaction it would be immediately. I would stop breathing and go down. Nothing happened, I ate several more that day and I am still able to eat them with out any problems.



Thank you Jan for your story, I will and still admit I was less than confident as you were my first real allergic food reaction patient. To this day I enjoy recalling my own emotions when I saw the bowel of strawberries and the epi-pen beside it.

ASERT is a program that is help full in decreasing a persons reactive sensitivity to allergens present in our environment. Although many are much less reactive they can and do interfere with your health.

The power and potential of energy medicine is simply in the beginnings, I am glad to be a part of it and look forward to all the opportunities that come my way to use this wonder full gift of healing.


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