Foot Ulceration

From Maryann Krupa

For approx. 1 year I suffered with an ulceration on my foot and was treatment monthly by a foot doctor every 4 week, 11 or 12 times total. After the care I was instructed to stay off my feet and let it heal. I lost most of that year "resting." I follow the foot doctors advice directly. He told me as well as his nurse, similar problems have resulted in people having their feet cut off. I was so very worried and even went to a wound clinic, no help there either, nothing. I finally went to Dr Kropf a Chiropractor who usesCold laser's and Energy Medicine he learned from Dr Brimhall. That was early this summer, he healed it. This week I saw my foot doctor again for my neuropathy follow up visit. He said it was healed, no treatment necessary. His nurse was amazed and I shared this story with her. I called Dr Kropf today to tell him the news and of course set up an appointment with him next week. Bottom line, if I have not gone to Dr Kropf, I wonder where my foot would be. Doc add what you want to this.......Maryann

From Doc Kropf,

Yes as a Chiropractor, this was a first foot ulcer case for me. Medically complicated with long term medication etal, Maryann never wavered from our program and healed in 3 weeks of care. I followed an organized program including treatment of the organs associated with the nerve roots to her feet. I cleared their problems as well as directly treating her foot wit Cold Laser frequencies. Nutritional support for the organs mandatory. Maryann was complient. Our bodies have an inate God inspired healing potential that at times needs our help. I felt blessed Maryann trusted us as to treat such a complicated and unique problem. It has been 8+ weeks since I heard from Maryann until today, I am pleased and blessed she is doing so very well.

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