Courtney's Story

I am writing this story on behalf of my daughter Courtney, a 17 year old volleyball player.

Courtney has played volleyball for 6 years and year round for 4 of those. She plays for her high school and immediately begins her JO season. Towards the middle of her JO season last year she began complaining of lower right back pain. We assumed it was overuse or overextension through repeated use. She is an outside hitter and the offense runs around her getting the ball and putting it away hard.

By the end of the season, May 2006, she was in chronic pain. At this point we began seeking advice from the medical community. We took her to our family physician first who in turn sent us to a specialist. The requested x-rays at first and then an MRI. Neither of these showed anything and we were instructed to begin resistance training. We began taking her to another chiropractor who was able to give her some initial relief but quickly plataeued.

It is now the beginning of the high school season, September 2007 and the pain has only got worse. From this point we began taking advice from others (non physicians) to find a fix. We found someone who had a relationship with a physical therapist at UPMC and who worked with many college and profession athletes. On down we went and we were instructed to either stop participating immediately and go into rehab or play through the pain and come at the end of the season. We decide to wait until the season was over.

We religiously did the resistance training every morning before school. Courtney struggled and often was brought to tears from the pain and frustration. She was now a senior, a captain and their team was going to compete for the states this year. She sat out the entire first half of the season, dressing in street clothes and her jersey. It killed her. Finally she decided to play through the pain. I would stretch her and rub icey hot before every game, She would play but her reactions just were not there. She could not move to the ball.

Finally we decided we would get her an injection into the hip to relieve the pain. Thank God we didn't! Our neighbor begged us to see Dr. Kropf, a cold laser chiropractor. She said we had nothing to loose. I remember the day clearly, We pulled in and Courtney literally could not stand up straight due to the pain. She was hunched over in a 45' angle and would slowly stretch so she could stand straight. We entered the office and within 5 minutes of talking to Dr. Kropf he diagnosed the problem, she had had a head trauma. The year before the pain started, she had collided with a teammate in the playoffs. The girls head hit Courtney squarely in the jaw and play had to be stopped while the players were attended to. Dr. Kropf took us back, treated Courtney for about an hour and sent us on our way. Little did he know Courtney had a game that night. By the time we got home (20 minutes) Courtney said the pain was gone. She played that night pain free for the first time in a year. She jumped, dove and got to balls that a week earlier she was not even close. She went back the following day for another adjustment, all with laser therapy, and goes back every two or three weeks as needed. If I did not see it with my own eyes, I would not have believed it! It is literally a miracle.

Courtney and her high school team won the state championship in Pennsylvania in 2006. I captured a picture of Courtney holding the trophy over her head. She "autographed" it for doc and the inscription is perfect: "this moment made possible by Dr. Kropf" and it sits in his reception area.

I have recommended many people to Dr Kropf and my wife, other daughter and myself see him on a regular basis. He will get you off any pain medications you may be taking and teach you how to lead a happy, healthy, productive life. His techniques are long lasting and results oriented. They fix the problem, not masking them. Dr. Kropf and his staff have literally changed our lives. Thank you Doc!


Jeff Holdrich

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