Asthma Cured in a 13 Year Old Boy

My 13 yo son began coughing on a return flight from a family vacation at a change of planes. He coughed and coughed, over the counter medication helped a little and only temporarily. His pediatrician prescribed medication that had about the same effect as OTC’s. We were referred to a specialist. Asthma was diagnosed and asthma treatment provided. Initially helped some and the coughing returned. Just as bad. He was suspended from Sewickley Academy for his coughing and not allowed to report until he was cured.

Having no idea as to what to do, we took him to his Chiropractor, Dr Kropf. We talked about his symptoms and he listened curiously. Dr Kropf reset his nervous system and lasered him for lungs and asthma, adjusted him and he seemed to feel better. That night about 5 or so hours his symptoms returned, about the same as before, no worse, no better. On our follow up appointment with Dr Kropf, he said, we need to revisit this. After doing similar testing,, doc did a full systems check and found my sons bowels were in need of some help. This I didn’t quite understand as my son had “normal” BM’s.

Doc reportedly found a fungal problem and began laser treatment and supplements to help between treatments. . By the end of the second treatment, 8 months of continual coughing was gone. Period, nothing, not a symptom. He immediately returned to school, end of story. I may not live long to understand what went wrong or what doc did to correct the problem or why are the bowels are effecting his lungs or……at this point, I am simply grateful.

Sincerely from a happy mom,


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